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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar Liveblog

I'll be here all night-red carpet to Best Picture-live-blogging the awards.  I'll post newest posts to the top.  Feel free to comment as well!

11:35: Best Picture.... of course to The Artist.  It makes history by being the first "foreign" film to win Best Picture.  I ended the night 18/24.

Overall, it wasn't a particularly great ceremony, but it was full of minor surprises and I was riveted the whole way through.  I do feel bad for Viola Davis.  She was so great, expected to win, and yet lost in the last moments, even though she gave a much deeper performance than Octavia Spencer.

11:29: Best Actress.... to Meryl Streep.  Wow!  She finally wins her third.  I was just hoping it would be for a better movie.  I'm at 17/23.

11:18: Best Actor to Jean DuJardin.  Pretty amazing how this charming frenchman came in and so suavely took this Oscar from George and Brad.  I'm at 17/22.  An exuberant and heartfelt speech.

10:53: Best Director to Michel Hazanivicius for The Artist.  He beat the 4 big American directors.  Must feel strange.  16/21 for me.  And the "In Memoriam" always ends with the biggest star, so Elizabeth Taylor

10:48: Only the Top 4 left.  Could this be the shortest ceremony in a long time?  I'm thinking we just have the dead folks to go.

10:40: Live Action Short to The Shore.  12/17 for me, but my wife Emily is rocking our 52-person Oscar pool.  Way to go!  Documentary Short to Saving Face.  13/18.  Animated Short goes to The Fantastic Flying Books or Mr. Morris Lesmore.  I've miscounted somewhere but 15/20.

10:27: Adapted Screenplay to The Descendants.  This is where I hoped Moneyball would come through.  12/16.  Original Screenplay to Midnight in Paris.  Woody isn't usual.

10:18: The very odd 2-song category goes to Man or Muppet of course.  11/15.  Who knew The Flight of the Conchords would be Oscar winners?

10:14: Score to The Artist, its second win of the night.  I'm 10/14.

10:00: Supporting Actor.  Christopher Plummer makes history as the oldest actor winner at 82! Well deserved.  I'm 9/13..

9:56: Visual Effects goes to Hugo.  Hugo is doing extremely well tonight, although I still don't think it has a chance for Best Picture.  I went with the Apes, so I'm at 7/11.

9:47:  Animated to Rango.  7/10.  I didn't really like this movie-it mostly made me exhausted.

9:43: Best Documentary to Undefeated.  Looks a bit like Friday Night Lights and I've heard it's good.  I did pick this one so 6/9.

9:38: Cirque Du Soleil.  Not necessary for the show but so freaking cool.

9:26: Sound Editing to Hugo, as I predicted.  4/7.  Sound Mixing to Hugo as well.  5/8.

9:24: Best Editing for The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo?? Wow!  No one was really expecting that.  At least this keeps things a little interesting.  I'm only 3/6, so screw my predictions for the year.

9:21: Christopher Guest troop doing The Wizard of Oz test screening!  So funny. Is he making another film?

9:14: Supporting Actress to Octavia Spencer.  Not my favorite in the category, but what an excited winner.  3/5.

9:07: Foreign Film to A Separation.  Thank God.  This category often makes weird picks, but they picked one of the best movies of the year this time.  2/4.  Also, a beautiful speech by the director.

8:58: Best makeup for The Iron Lady.  And the ass-showing by Cameron and J-Lo was quite trashy.

8:55: Best costumes to The Artist.  The first of many, I imagine.  I picked Hugo, so I'm only 1/3 so far.

8:53: So not only was Justin Bieber in the opening, Twilight was in the classic movies montage.  Ugh.

8:43: Cinematography goes to Hugo.  AGGGH! How could The Tree of Life lose this?  Now the great Emmanuel Lubezki has lost for two of my favorite movies-Children of Men and The Tree of Life.  Art Direction also goes to Hugo.  1 for 2 so far.

8:41: This feels a bit like 1995 so far.

8:25: Chris Rock: "I'm wearing FUBU!"  I kind of wish he was hosting.

8:12: Brad looking good.  Where is Angelina?

7:53: Nick Nolte is CRAZY.

7:46: Jean Dujardin loved the cinnamon rolls in the US.  That's great.

7:37: Not on this red carpet, but word is Sacha Baren Cohen doused Ryan Seacrest with "the ashes of Kim Jong II"  Pretty funny-will he pull any pranks inside?

7:28: Viola Davis has gone natural and looks stunning in emerald green.  And Michelle in a very "coral" (according to Tim Gunn) dress.  I also love Christopher Plummer's velvet tux.

7:21: Emma Stone's big bow? Yay or nay? Best dressed so far.  I say Jessica Chastain, Emily says Jessica Chastain, Barb says Octavia Spencer.

7:13: Jessica Chastain is absolutely gorgeous and what a year she had.  Not to jinx her with overpraise, but she reminds me of a young Meryl Streep.

7:00: And the Red Carpet begins.  Any red carpet where I don't have to listen to Joan and Melissa Rivers is great.  Tim Gunn and Nina Garcia are both here!  And here's Octavia Spencer.  Jonah Hill here with his mom-he seems like the kind of dude you'd just talk to at a party.


  1. So far you have posted an aarg, an ugh, and a trashy...the oscars don't seem to be going too well yet, eh? :)

  2. You know-there are always ups and downs. That first award threw me for a loop-but the show seems to be moving at a decent pace so far.

  3. I'm at 5 correct predictions so are you doing

  4. 5 for 8 right now. Definitely some surprises tonight.

  5. What do you think of Billy Crystal so far?

  6. We're following your blog closely tonight!
    All of these poor women are having such a hard time walking. The Billy Crystal is almost unbearable, but I like the Christopher Guest bit.

  7. You know, Billy is kind of fine but pretty boring. It really feels like so 10 years ago. Overall, the ceremony is entertaining me though.

  8. Yippe! My fav star won the award!:)