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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Oscar Night Live Blog

12 Years a Slave!!!! The Academy did the right thing, as they sometimes do.  I ended with 20/24.  Not too bad, although no big surprises this year either.  So happy right now.

Very well-deserved Best Actress to Blanchett.  Quick mention of Woody, no gushing.  Probably well-played.

As expected, Matthew McConaughey.  A very good performance in a year of really great ones.  A real rambly speech, but kind of fascinating.

I am now incredibly stressed to see Best Picture...

Watching Sidney Poitier.  Second time I'm tearing up.

Director to Alfonso Cuaron.  One of my favorite directors, and first Latino winner of Best Director.

Random thought- unless we have an upset in these last 3 categories, this is really a surprise-less show.

Adapted Screenplay to 12 Years a Slave. I hope and pray this means Best Picture.

Original Screenplay for Her!!! Yes!!! Not doing so well on predictions but I don't care. This also means American Hustle will most likely go 0/10.  Quite a fall for what many thought was the frontrunner.

John Travolta just called Idina Menzel "Adele Nazim."  WHA???

And score for Gravity.

Song to Let it Go.  15/18 I think.  Can't keep track so much anymore.

In Memoriam followed by a really synthesized version of Wind Beneath My Wings.  What year are we in?

These stupid tributes are such a waste of time.  Arbitrary theme this year... heroes.  Let's just get some more Ellen jokes.

Production design.... The Great Gatsby. Now we can say its won two Oscars. I really prefer all the other nominees to this.

Cinematography to Emmanuel Lubezki.  An absolute master and he finally has his Oscar.  I'm 12/14 now.

Editing to Gravity as well.  It's doing really well.  I picked Captain Phillips for this. 12/15.


Stars eating pizza!  Get the gifs ready!

Sound awards of course going to Gravity.

Supporting Actress to LUPITA!!!  And she hugs Liza Minnelli!  SO HAPPY. All time classic speech too.  Perfect. Teared up a little there.

Foreign film goes to The Great Beauty!! Loved this and picked it. 8/10.

Tyler Perry introducing the Best Picture nominees..... a little odd.

Love U2, but that song is a serious snoozer.  At this point, you know everyone wants to hear Let it Go.

Live action film. Helium.  I predicted this! 5/7.

Documentary short. The Lady in Number 6. Touching especially since the subject died just this past week.

Documentary.  20 Feet From Stardom.  A great choice in a great field.  Bill Murray starting the standing ovation was PRICELESS.

Kim Novak.... looks very different from Vertigo.  Had some work, perhaps?
Animated Short to Mr. Hublot.  I didn't predict this, so I'm only 50% this year!

Animated feature to Frozen, of course.

Visual effects to Gravity.  Ya think.  The first of many tonight, I'm sure. 4/6 now I think, so at least my percentage is improving.

I really liked Her... but this song is just a little too indie-cute, even for me.

Makeup... Dallas Buyers Club. They walked REALLY slowly to the stage.  I guess they didn't want ot pull a Jennifer Lawrence.

Costume Design... The Great Gatsby.  My first miss for the night.  I thought American Hustle. Never beat again the most extravagant costumes.... and the 70s have never won.

Highlight so far.... Pharrell dancing with Lupita, Meryl, and Amy Adams! Love that song.

Solid opening from Ellen.  Highlights:

-"One of the greatest Liza Minnelli's impersonators I've ever seen.... good job sir."
-"Simply put, Meryl cannot afford to be nominated again."
-Jennifer Lawrence-"If you win tonight, I think we should bring you the Oscar."
-Jonah Hill- "You showed us something in that film that I haven't seen in a long time..." (for those who don't know, Jonah whips it out in the movie.)

Supporting Actor
Jared Leto of course. Not my pick but a great category this year.  GREAT first half of his speech, then had to turn it awkwardly political.

Will Smith- no tie, but ascot.  I approve.

Did Bill Murray just age like 10 years?

Hometown pride for Barkhad Abdi-from Minneapolis!

Lupita-killing it with the fashion this year. Also, after winning 5 indie spirits, they "had an intimate 12 Years a Slave dinner." Any guesses as to the restaurant? Maybe Hard Rock Cafe?

Jared.... looking like Jesus.  Cut the hair, man.

McConaughey has a very... tan mom.

"We have huge respect for Woody Allen" said by some costume designers.  Too soon.  Too soon.

Amy Adams is dressed tonight in tribute to Kim Novak from Vertigo.  She's awesome.

June Squibb is "one hell of a pole dancer." Awesome.

Why are they showing me Viola first? To remind me of a terrible moment- when Meryl Streep's over-the-top performance in The Iron Lady beat her a couple years ago?

Here we go.... the most exciting Oscar telecast I've seen in many years.  Let's hope the telecast lives up to the hype.  I'll be regularly updating, as I also try to sit back and enjoy.  Newest posts will be on top.

Pre-show thoughts: If I had 3 wishes for tonight, they would be:

-12 Years a Slave winning Best Picture. It deserves it and it will mean so much.

-Lupita beating Jennifer for Best Supporting Actress.  It will be great for Lupita, and it will be great for Jennifer Lawerence's career.  I really like her, and I don't want the inevitable backlash.

-For anyone to upset the Dallas Buyers Club duo of McConaughey and Leto.  I liked them both, but there are many more deserving competitors in both categories, and they've just steamrolled the competition.  I'd love Bruce Dern, Chiwetel Ejiofor, or Leonardo DiCaprio in Actor and Michael Fassbender, Bradley Cooper, or Barkhad Abdi in Supporting Actor.


  1. Ben: What's going on with Kim Novak?

  2. This is great, Ben! I will be reading your updates throughout. A joy to know we can stay up as late as we like (with snow day tomorrow!). Also, loved the Pharrell dance, too!

  3. Sam said the exact same thing when Her won best screenplay! (He really wanted me to tell you).