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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Liveblogging the show

The Show (Latest Updates up Top)


Actor to Redmayne. Wished it was Keaton but happy for Eddie. He's so happy!

McConaughey is looking so greasy!

Julianne Moore for Stil Alice! 17/22. Finally she's an Oscar winner.

Best Picture to....Birdman.  Loved this movie.  Yes, I loved Boyhood even more but I don't begrudge this.  There's gonna be a nasty backlash tonight/tomorrow.

Some great speeches tonight though. My final results were 18/24, probably my worst showing ever.... There weren't really huge surprises, just several close races where I picked the wrong way.


Director to Inarittu for Birdman.  I think I'm 15/19 now. Second year in the row a Mexican director wins (after Cuaron for Gravity). /16/21


Original Screenplay to Birdman.  A good category and a good choice. Looking like some Birdman wins coming up.... Director, probably Picture, maybe Actor? 12/17

Adapted Screenplay to The Imitation Game. If Redmayne wins, all the Best Picture nominees will win something.  I wish Whiplash would have won here. 13/18


Scarjo- love the dress but I miss her younger, voluptuous look.

Lady Gaga as Maria- so weird and unnecessary!! Stop now.

But seeing Julie Andrews is amazing.... does she ever age?

Score to Grand Budapest for Alexandre Desplat. 8 nominations and 1st win. Love the score! Didn't pick it though. 12/16. So many for Grand Budapest!


Glory performance. Just amazing. Tears here.  This better win best song....

And it does.  Whew. 12/15.  John Legend gives a heartfelt speech daring to make a statement.


Editing to Whiplash. A sign Boyhood is definitely an underdog for Best Picture now. Missed this. 10/13.

Terrence Howard.... a little intense there introducing the movies.

Documentary to Citizenfour. 11/14.  Issues a thank you to Edward Snowden!


Why don't they just do a song while they show the people?


Production design to Grand Budapest. 9/11 now, and another for Budapest!  I'm not a big fan of how they are not actually showing examples of the nominees when they read the nominations. Don't you want to see the production design?

Cinematography to Emmanuel Lubezki for Birdman! Second year in a row to a truly amazing film artist. 10/12


Visual Effects to Interstellar. 7/8. I predicted this but really think it should have gone to the Apes.

Animated Short to Feast. 8/9 now.

Animated Feature to Big Hero 6. Another miss for me, so 8/10. Most were picking How to Train Your Dragon 2.


Guys- NPH was pulling out a wedgie as he walked out!

Sound Mixing- Whiplash! 5/6.  Let's keep shutting American Sniper out.

Sound Editing- Spoke too soon. Goes to  American Sniper. 6/7. Let's keep it there, voters.

Supporting Actress. Patricia Arquette. 7/8.  What a speech and gave us the best moment so far- Meryl Streep with her "You go girl!"reaction.


Live Action Short: The Phone Call. I saw this one.  Great performance by Sally Hawkins.  5/5.

Doc Short: Crisis Hotline. I didn't pick this one, so my first loss. 5/6.  What a fun dress on the winner!

Oh Gwyneth.... why have you become so annoying. You were great in Shakespeare in Love. Tim McGraw singing this Glen Campbell song.... unimpressed.


Chiwetel has glitter in his beard!

Foreign to Ida.  See it everyone! It's on Netflix Instant. 4/4.

Everything is Awesome.... that was awesome.

Also, we've noticed that Eddie Redmayne's wife looks constantly uncomfortable.


Costumes and Makeup both to Grand Budapest. So happy Wes Anderson is getting recognition- and he looks so thrilled.  I'm 3/3 right now (like many people I'm sure).


NPH nailed the opening song!  What the people wanted... an old fashioned opener.

Not sure Oprah was a big fan of being used in the joke....

Supporting Actor to J.K. Simmons of course.  Kind of a weird speech from him. 1/1

Presenting Grand Budapest and American Sniper together.... very weird juxtaposition.

Adam Levin with "Lost Stars" from Begin Again. I think if Glory hadn't come out, this might have won best song.

Red Carpet Coverage

We start off with the red carpet coverage. A rainy night so actors are all worried about their looks.

First impression- Rosamund Pike looking amazing. Surprisingly, the only nomination from Gone Girl.

Conversation in my living room. Both Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones (Theory of Everything) are really toothy. Can either close their mouth?

Julianne Moore.... one of my all-time favorites.  Soon to be Oscar winner.  I wish she had won for Boogie Nights..... or Magnolia.... or Far From Heaven.

Marion Cotillard. What a class act and great actress. My favorite of the best actress nominees.

Chris Pratt.  This just reminds that Parks & Rec is ending this week..... sniff sniff.

The red carpet always leads to inevitable..... is their [wife/husband/partner] famous?

Lupita Nyongo is wearing 6,000 pearls. This also reminds me of her amazing win and speech last year for 12 Years a Slave.

Reese Witherspoon looking great. Wild was a very underrated movie this year.  Also, promoting the hashtag #askhermore.  YES!!! Ask them about their work, not just their dresses.

Naomi Watts. Loved her in Birdman and even more in Mulholland Drive, one of my favorite movies (and performances) ever.

Bradley Cooper talking about how much Chris Kyle's family supported the movie. Could one problem with American Sniper be that..... they were too deferential to Chris Kyle's family? There was a more interesting movie to be told from that story.

Why does Lady Gaga sound like she is from another country? It appears she'll also be performing in a "Sound of Music" tribute..... could be kind of fun or a disaster.

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