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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Oscar Night Liveblog

The Show!!!


Actress to Brie Larson of course. She's my fourth favorite in this category I think, but still great.  A terrific category. 15/21.

And Leo of course..... While not my favorite performance, I'm happy for him. 16/22.

Not The Revenant....not The Revenant.....not The Revenant.......  SPOTLIGHT!!!! Not my favorite but SO GLAD The Revenant did not win!  16/23.  It's been a really really long time since a movie has won Best Picture with only one other award.


Director to Innaritu for The Revenant. Here starts where Mad Max starts losing.... 14/20 for me.


Score to Ennio Morricone. 13/18.

Song to that REALLY BAD James Bond song. 13/19. No one was picking this one.


Live Action went to Stutterer. 11/16.

Foreign to Son of Saul. 12/17. No surprise here... a powerful movie. I'm still processing it.

Joe Biden!! Just to remind everyone we wish he was running for president I guess.

Powerful moment with Gaga and the victims of sexual assault.


Seems strange to show Spike Lee when he's boycotting.....


Documentary Short. A Girl in the River. 10/14.  Somehow I picked this one.

Documentary to Amy. 11/15.  A good pick.


Patricia Arquette..... why do you sound so odd??

Supporting Actor to Mark Rylance!  A pretty big surprise!  He was my favorite! 9/14. Not doing well, but mostly because some of my favorites are winning. No complaints here.


Animated Short to Bear Story.  Not doing so well. 8/12.

Animated Feature. Inside Out of course! 9/13.  Fun fact: Director Pete Doctor's wife was my wife Emily's babysitter in Minnesota!


Sound Editing to Mad Max!!!! Could it go further...... My first miss, but I'm happy. 8/9.

Sound Mixing to Mad Max!!! 8/10. No matter what happens next, Mad Max is certainly the most wacko movie to ever win 6 Oscars. So happy for it.

Visual Effects to Ex Machina???  NO ONE was picking that, but how awesome. My second favorite of the year. 8/11.


Cinemtography to Emmanuel Lubezki, a true cinematic artist. I remember a few years ago when he lost for The Tree of Life- all the film nerds (me included) were mad. Now he's set a record- 3 years in a row! (Gravity, Birdman, Revenant). 7/7.

Film Editing to Mad Max. 8/8.  4 awards to Mad Max! The editor is George Miller's wife. Is this the end of the Max awards? Hope not.

Jack Black history month.... ehhhhh.


Costumes for Mad Max. 4/4 so far.  Love this woman's style! And the magic she did on Mad Max.  Good speech too!

Production Design for Mad Max. 5/5.

Makeup/Hairstyling to Mad Max as well! 6/6.


OK, The Revenant with Leslie Jones was the best! But then that Stacy Dash joke just..... no.

Supporting Actress to Alicia Vikander for The Danish Girl. 3/3 so far.


Racial jokes right up front- "The White People's Choice Awards."

More audience shots please!!!! This monologue. Whoa.

Black Categories: "Best Black Friend" The winner for the 18th year in a row is Wanda Sykes.....

First award for Original Screenplay to Spotlight, as expected.

Second award for Adapted Screenplay to The Big Short. 2/2 so far.

The Red Carpet

Conversation here in my living room:  Would Charlize Theron really eat one of the little hamburgers? I say yes, because she's a "cool girl," especially after starring in Mad Max.

We're noticing it looks like Leo went to the dentist (or had a stroke?). He's talking out of the side of his mouth.

Can someone please explain Lady Gaga's accent to me? Isn't she just from New York or New Jersey?

Cate Blanchett can do no wrong. She can pull off anything- even a dress with feathers. I saw her in the play Uncle Vanya several years ago and had never seen such a star on stage.

Kerry Washington giving a good answer about Oscars and diversity, owning her presence and respecting those who are boycotting.  Bold choice on the dress too.

Jacob Tremblay (the little guy from Room) just killed it on the Red Carpet!  Sooooo great.  "I'll be going to some after parties."

Saoirse Ronan is great and looking so very adult. She had to wear green as a tribute to Ireland. Love it.

So what to expect tonight? I'm thinking The Revenant will come out of the night with 4-6 Oscars, including the big ones.  I also can't wait for Chris Rock to host, especially in the year of #oscarssowhite. There are going to be some uncomfortable faces there during his monologue. Surest bet of the night.

The (pre) pre-show-livestreaming on E!.  I was half watching this as I saw lots of people I didn't recognize.  Then Alicia Vikander came on.... wowza. She's going to be high up on the best dressed lists for sure.  I haven't yet seen The Danish Girl, which she will probably win for tonight, but she's a great actress too. Everyone if you haven't seen Ex Machina yet, put it on your list.  It's streaming on Amazon Prime.

Hi folks- I'll be here liveblogging all evening.  Newest posts will be up top.

Check back here for my final predictions and here for my favorite blog, the family write-up.

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