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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Golden Globes Live Blog

Welcome readers. I'll be writing a few comments here and there as I watch the Globes....

Check my post below for my predictions.

8:05: Ricky Gervais! High hopes for this host. Oooh, already some talk about The Office "jumping the shark." Can't say I disagree.....

8:06-Supporting Actress: Mo'nique for Precious! No surprise here. A very moving speech. 1/1 on my predix so far!

8:22-Animated Feature. Up, as expected. 2/2 for predix. What a strong year for "kids" movies- Coraline, Up, Fantastic Mr. Fox (which I still have to see!), Harry Potter, Where the Wild Things Are.

8:35- Actor (TV Drama): Michael C. Hall (Dexter). I think I should watch Dexter. Everyone seems to love it. Didn't realize he had cancer. How sad.

8:42. Why can Harrison Ford hardly breathe or smile? Not looking good.

8:46-Best Song: "The Weary Kind" from Crazy Heart. Don't know these well, but this one sounds pretty good. I neglected to make a prediction in this category.

8:48- Score: Up. 2/3 for predix know, but I'm glad. This score is very charming and much better than Avatar's.

9:02-Actress Comedy/Musical: Meryl Streep in Julie & Julia. Nice speech-what a class act.

9:16- Actress Miniseries/TV Movie: Drew Barrymore in Grey Gardens. Her dress looks like there is a hedgehog on her shoulder.

9:24-Screenplay: Up in the Air. 3/4 for predix. Great screenplay and great choice. What the hell was It's Complicated doing getting nominated in this category?

9:35- Foreign Film. The White Ribbon. 3/5 now. Oh well. I can't WAIT to see this movie when it comes out. If you haven't seen Michael Haneke's Cache, see it now. It's great.

9:39- Drama Series. Mad Men! I love this show.

9:48- Supporting Actress-TV. Chloe Sevigny (Big Love). The most fascinating of the three wives on the show. Good pic.

9:50- Supporting Actor. Christoph Waltz (Inglorious Basterds). Like Mo'nique, he is on the road to a well-deserved Oscar. 4/6.

10:04- Martin Scorsese. Damn that man has made some great movies. My favorite? Taxi Driver, with Goodfellas a close second.

10:14- Ricky Gervais making fun of Mel Gibson's alcoholism..... what a great moment.

10:16- James Cameron (Avatar). Damn. I really wanted this to be Kathryn Bigelow (Cameron's ex-wife!). I fully applaud James for so much of Avatar and it was an enjoyable movie. But really, isn't part of being a director tweaking the script?? It could have been so much better. 4/7

10:19- Best TV Comedy. Glee dethrones 30 Rock. I have yet to see Glee, so I'll withhold comment.

10:27- Best Comedy/Musical. The Hangover! A bit of a surprise. Didn't see this yet, but am excited to. This brings me to 4/8 for my predix.

10:36- Actress/Drama. Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side). Ugh. Over Carey and Gabourey? Although it does bring my record up to 5/9.

10:40- Actor-Musical/Comedy. Robert Downey Jr. (Sherlock Holmes). Was not expecting that one.... The Hangover, Sherlock Holmes, Avatar, and The Blind Side as big winners. It looks like the Globes are going for the big box office winners. 5/10. My record is pretty pathetic.

10:47- Actor/Drama. Jeff Bridges (Crazy Heart). He's definitely the frontrunner for Oscar.

10:56- Picture/Drama. Avatar. As predicted. My final tally for my predictions is 6/11. Some surprises were interesting (Hangover, score for Up) while others I wish had gone another way (James Cameron).

Overall, not one of the best Globes ceremonies I've seen. From an Oscar perspective, the big winners tonight were Avatar, Jeff Bridges, and Sandra Bullock. And possibly The Hangover. Could it possibly make it in the Top 10?

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  1. Nice play by play Ben! Overall, how was Gervais?