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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Liveblogging the Oscars!

Once again, I'll be liveblogging the Oscars, keeping track of my predictions and giving running commentary.  Newest posts up top!

The Show


Actress, Actor, Picture: As expected Jennifer Lawrence, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Argo.  21/24.

The biggest surprise was having our first lady announce!  As much as I wish Lincoln would have won, I should remember Argo was in my top 5 of the year, and is a perfectly worthy winner.

That's Oscar night y'all!  Thanks for joining me!


Adapted Screenplay: Argo. 17/19.  A good screenplay, but it beat a true masterpiece-Lincoln.  Looks like Argo is winning Best Pic.

Original Screenplay: Django Unchained. 18/20 for me.  Good one Django. Can't believe they played the Gone With the Wind score to play him off.

Director: Ang Lee for Life of Pi!  Missed that one. 18/21.  While I don't think he was better than Spielberg, Haneke, and Russell, good for him.  LIfe of Pi was a really directorial triumph and I love Lee.  I'm glad he can now be a 2-time winner.


Original Score: Life of Pi.  Predicted that, so 15/17.  A really memorable score.

Original Song: Skyfall of course.  16/18.  No competition here.


Production Design: Lincoln!  I didn't pick it but am so glad for any awards Lincoln gets tonight.  14/16 now.

In Memoriam. The part where we say, "Oh yeah! He/she died this year!"  Barbra looks real flowy in that dress.  The red carpet rumor is she went on a 20-day fast to appear tonight.


Film Editing: Argo. 14/15.  The best picture frontrunner got its first one.  What else? Screenplay?

Adele.... she nails it.

This show is moving... a tad slowly.  Any guesses on ending time?  I'll go with 11:57.


Sound Mixing: Les Miserables. 11/12.  Not doing too shabby on these predictions tonight!

Sound Editing: A TIE!!! Zero Dark Thirty and..... Skyfall.  I picked Skyfall so 12/13.

Supporting Actress: Christopher Plummer announces.  What a class act.  Anne Hathaway of course.  Well deserved (although I preferred Amy Adams), but pity about that hideous dress.  Next time wear a bra. 13/14.


Live Action Short: Curfew. 7/8!  Didn't see it, but I picked it!

Documentary Short: Inocente.  8/9.  Didn't see these either, but made the pick. It's about a homeless teen artist.  I wish they had time to let her talk...

Documentary: Searching for Sugar Man. 9/10. Really a heartwarming documentary-check it out if you haven't seen it!

Foreign Film: Amour. 10/11. Yup.  Now if it can just win some more!

Musical Tribute.  Yup, they're good performances.  But do we need to pay tribute to an enjoyable but  questionable winner (Chicago), a movie not even nominated for Best Picture (Dreamgirls), and Les Mis.  Not necessary.


Animated Short: Paperman.  I predicted this, so 1/2.  This was a lovely film, although Adam and Dog was even better.

Animated Film: Brave.  2/3 now.  This was not a great movie, but don't bet against Pixar.

Beasts of the Southern Wild wasn't my favorite movie, but damn that monologue makes my throat clench.

Cinematography: Life of Pi. 3/4.  No arguing with this vote, although one of these days Roger Deakins will win one.

Visual Effects: Life of Pi. 4/5.  Another easy get for Life of Pi.

Costume Design: Anna Karenina. 5/6.  No arguing with this pick... at all. A true integral part of the movie and story.

Makeup and Hairstyling: Les Miserables.  6/7.  They did do a really nice job making everyone's hair and teeth look mostly disgusting.


Starting out real rough with Seth.  But gotta love that Channing and Charlize dance.

OK, after a little thought the jury is out on Seth.  Some funny parts, and some real off-color groaners.

Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz for Django Unchained!!  A bit of a surprise.  I think this means Django wins Screenplay.  0/1 on my predix this year, although I much prefer surprise to predictability.

Red Carpet

Anne Hathaway-the top of your dress is a tad, um, suggestive.  And not in a good way.

Kristin Chenoweth- Have you mentioned yet that you are 4'11 and petite??!!

I have an irrational hatred of Jennifer Aniston.  I think she is SO BORING and don't understand why she is a successful actress.

Quote from my apartment.  Me: How can I ever get to go to the Oscars? Tasara: Someone's going to have to get a chronic illness and make a wish.

FWIW, I think the "Oscar mystery" they are guessing is R2D2.

Bradley Cooper's mom.  WHOA.  That's a lot of pink fringe on your shawl.

Jessica Chastain best overall look so far, no doubt.  I'm also digging Naomi Watts in her Judy Jetson getup.

Quevenzhane- She is too cute with that puppy purse.  But interviewer, stop asking her about if she thinks she is going to win. It's just toying with her!

Also-Is Kristen Chenoweth a midget??  She certainly is next to Jennifer Lawrence.


  1. That Seth MacFarlane is a pretty good singer, eh?


  2. French flags.. freedom flags?... on the Oscar stage. Between this and Zero Dark 30 we've come a long way since 2001.

  3. Ben, you are definitely Advanced in this assessment. I am 4/15 so far, clearly Below Basic. I need an Oscar intervention program. Perhaps with a graphic organizer or visual cues.